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Our scribes write Megillahs only on uncoated parchment in sizes 8, 10, 12, 15, and 19 inches containing 11, 15, or 28, lines, as well as Chabad 19” Megillahs, containing 42 lines. The Megillahs are written with meticulous observance of all the requirements of Jewish law by sofrim with kaballah, and are available in accordance with every custom: Beis Yosef, Ari, Sefard, and Chabad Alter Rebbe. They are computer checked and guaranteed kosher.

Prices range from $550-$950 for Bais Yosef, Arizal, and Sefard Megillahs.
Chabad Arizal 42 lines run from $950-$1500
Chabad Alter Rebbe 42 lines run from $1400-$1950.


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