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Lishkas Halacha L'Maseh

Rabbi Landau, renowned worldwide for his meticulousness and strictness in halacha of STaM. He has rigorous guidelines for the Sofrim and for the STaM they write, and only after all thos criteris are met, Rabbi Landau examines, and then guarantees and registers with a number each Mezuzah scroll or Tefillin parsha individually.

Sivan 13, 5753

It is with gratitude to Hashem that I was able to establish an institute for instruction in STaM in our city, Bnei Brak.

It is a tremendous and wonderful innovation and solution that the expert “magihim” do not have to rely on the amount of STaM that they check for their income. Rather, they receive monthly salaries, and thus can calmly take their time checking tefillin and mezuzos.
Furthermore, those sofrim who are writing do not determine the kashruth on something questionable on their own, but rather show it to the authorized Rabbi in the institute.
Every parsha and mezuzah is examined for any deficiency or addition and for the meticulousness in the form of the letters and their kashruth by two magihim. Thus each parsha and mezuzah is checked twice.
The tefillin and mezuzos that are checked accordingly and found to be kosher and mehudar, are sealed in a special package, and stamped by the institute in order to avoid fraud. And may G-d save us from any obstacle and cause us to succeed to merit the public.

Moshe Leib Landau
Rabbi and head of the Beth Din of Bnei Brak

The Conditions

Scribes of STaM interested in receiving the stamp of the institute under the direction of Rabbi Landau Shlita must abide by the following:
1) He must be equipped with a current document of kabala from a Rabbi recognized to us.
2) He must immerse in a pure mikvah every day.
3) He must review the laws of STaM on a regular basis.
4) During the writing of STaM, he may not listen to any music, including discourses and the like.
5) A scribe may not use a knife to scrape or fix, only, and until he clarifies with an expert Rabbi if it is allowed to be fixed, and in which way he is permitted to fix it. And it is not allowed to be handed into the institute unless the repair was done in a fashion of “L’chatchila”-kosher from the outset.
6) Yearly, the scribe is required to come to the institute to review the laws of STaM.

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